41MHL Cossor AC/HL 354V balloon Mazda AC/P balloon

Cossor 41MHL balloon GBP 300 pair.

Mazda AC/P balloon GBP 225 pair.


The Cossor 41MHL is the direct equivalent of the Mazda AC/HL. Unlike the AC/HL which were made in bigger number the Cossor red label 41MHL are scarce. We offer a pair balloon with mesh plate and a pair of Mazda balloon AC/P.

The Mazda AC/P is an indirectly heated A.C. mains and audio triode.

The valve may be used as L.F. amplifiers with either transformer or choke coupling. The AC/P can also be used as detector but nowadays it is used in DIY audio application.

Both pairs of valves tested at 100% emission and working order.


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