41MRC balloon triodes by Cossor and U920 Ostar-Ganz triodes

Cossor 41MRC balloon triodes GBP 180 pair.

Ostar-Ganz U920 balloon triodes GBP 200 pair.


We have chosen two batch of valves independently successful.

Cossor balloon type 41MRC. One valve has mesh plate, other seems to be earlier with vertical nickel anode. The Cossor 41MRC was designed as an improved version of RCC detector triode valve.

Pair of U920 valves by Ostar-Ganz. The Company made a series of valves having filament voltage rated at 220-240 Volts and it is an indirectly heated triode. Please take a look at the fine mesh anode that distinguished most of Ostar products, absolutely stunning pair of valves introduced in 1931 and made in Austria.


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