Avantic DL7-35 Manufactured by Beam Echo, Ltd., Witham, Essex, England

Beam-Echo Avantic DL7-35 Pair Amplifier GBP 5,000


The name, incidentally, is derived from cinema jargon. The beam represents the light source and the echo is a reference to the cinema sound track.

The company (based in Witham, Essex) developed a new range of products which they sold under the brand name Avantic. They later introduced loudspeaker enclosures, a radio tuner, and several other items of Hi-Fi related equipment. So Beam-Echo became established in the UK Hi-Fi market, with an enviable reputation for quality.

The first amplifier to be sold was the 20W monoblock DL7-35 that you see here, using pair of EL34, EF86, ECC83 and GZ34. with a matching mono pre-amp.  The interesting thing about the DL7-35 is that the design is identical to the Mullard 5-20 amplifier of the time.

All Beam -Echo products were well made, stylish, and many are now highly collectable among audio enthusiasts.



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