Körting HSW II pair Klangfilm Cinema Amplifiers single-ended Telefunken AD1

Körting HSW II pair Cinema Amplifiers with Telefunken AD1 GBP 6,000


Körting Radio Werke GmbH was a manufacturer of radio and television sets based in Grassau, Chiemgau. Its origins went back to a Leipzig lighting company founded in 1889, whose capital investment was used to found Dr Dietz & Ritter in 1925, which began building radio receivers under the Körting brand in 1932.

The amplifiers here shown are stunning and super rare.

Bear in mind it is almost impossible to find a pair of Körting HSW II amplifiers these days!

Each Körting HSW II  amplifier works with a AF7 Telefunken; AC Valvo Telefunken; AD1 Power triode Telefunken and AZ1  rectifier,

The Körting HEW I are small hall cinema amplifiers with clean and detailed sound. They are ready to play and all has been fitted ad hoc.

Weight circa 16 kilos each. Output impedance 6 Ohm; power output 4.5 Watts

You can also watch a video taken back a while ago and on YouTube now.


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