KT63 Marconi Osram metal base etc. 6F6G audio valves

KT63 Osram metal base £ 200 pair, KT63 black base £ 200 quartet


The KT63 was another  used and successful valve back those days.

Used extensively in radio and audio amplification when most set were still mono!

A nice well shaped valve with cup getter  and S shaped sping supporting the mica

Audio Magical shows a set of KT63 of which two have metal base

KT63 works at 6.3 Volts filament with Anode and Screen set at 250 Volts grid 16.5

All four KT63 valves have been tested with AVO VCM 163

KT63 Osram 35mA. 36mA. 35mA. 36mA 34mA, 36mA with mutual conductance of 2.5 and 100% emission


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