L63 GEC Marconi Brown base tall glass 6J5G audio valves

L63 GEC and Marconi £ 180 quartet.


The L63 was first introduced in 1938 as a valve with octal base made by the MO-V.

The American counterpart was named 6J5G.

With 6.3 Volts heater it is basically half a 6SN7GT. Basically two L63 make one 6SN7GT!

The GEC (2 pieces) and Marconi (2 pieces)  L63 shown here are among the most sought-after valves.

Brown base with tall glass, one valve GEC has missing spigot.

They have been tested with AVO VCM 163:

GEC L63: tested 8mA 100%

GEC L63: tested 8.5mA 100%

Marconi L63: tested 9mA 100%

Marconji L63: tested 9.5mA 100%


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