Leak Point One TL/ W PROTOTYPE Amplifier push-pull triode output stage

Super rare Leak “POINT ONE” Prototype GBP 3,500


Super rare Leak “POINT ONE” Prototype as you can read  at side from the label it says:

                    “POINT ONE”  TL/    W Amplifier

This amplifier has also a genuine fitted cap on chassis to cover extra octal socket possibly it was either a TL25 or a TL/12 12.1 please check all pictures

In perfect shape for its age. Paint and all the rest is in really good shape. All components tested and selected.

Valves are 2 x KT66 GEC; ECC33 Mullard; EF37 Mullard and GZ32 Mullard.

The TL/12 was manufactured from December 1948 to about 1955. During this time several variations were made to the physical aspects of the amplifier, however the circuit was always the same. Some of these variations are:

Early units featured a bronze finish enamel, and later ones gold finish. The possible change-over date may be around 1952/53.

Early units had open-frame transformers, wound on fully-cheeked bobbins (not un-like those used today), and the wiring from the transformer coil to the terminal plate can be seen above the chassis. Possibly around 1952/53, transformers with pressed-steel shrouds were introduced. Some TL/12 amplifiers around this time had a mix of open and enclosed transformers on the one chassis.



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