EL37 Mullard PENTONE rare double thick getter 6L6G EL35 KT66 CV586

Mullard EL37 double thick getter £ 800 quartet


The EL37 audio output valve is one of the classic valves and its predecessor was the Mullard EL35.

Mullard also described the EL37 as suitable for use as drivers for large triode push-pull output stages. The EL37 has a high value of mutual conductance compared with the valves it is sensibly equivalent to. At 11.0 mA/V it is almost twice the value of the KT66 and the 6L6.

Audio Magical is glad to show you all EL37 made back those days

Here we have a quartet of Mullard EL37 old logo circa 1950s they are labeled PENTONE  and bear etched code on glass R61 B made at Blackburn etc.

This is the very rare version of a EL37 Mullard with two thick getter at bottom!@ rare as hens teeth! Mullard EL37 hard to come by these days

We offer a set of four pieces all tested with AVO VCM 163

EL37 Mullard has a grid volts of 13.5 with both Anode and Screen set at 250 V and filament 6.3 V then we got current of 97mA, 98mA, 98mA, 98mA 100% emission and mutual conductance of 11


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