EL84 Mullard N709 6BQ5 Penta Logo code on glass km1 with original boxes

Mullard EL84 Penta Logo km1 code £ 150 quartet


The Mullard EL84 is in the miniature all-glass range having a single-ended construction and a B9A noval base.
With the maximum anode dissipation rating of 12 watts and a mutual conductance of over 11 mA/V a signal of very small amplitude is sufficient for full drive an amplifier. The Mullard EL84 GEC (N709) has been designed to satisfy demands in high fidelity in amplifier or receiver operation. To meet the requirements for high fidelity it is desirable to increase the available audio output power from the amplifier and hence decrease the distortion present at a given output, this is what the EL84 does.
This section shows various type of UK made EL84

The Mullard Penta logo you see here have been tested at 6.3 Volts filament with both Anode and Screen at 250 Volts and negative grid of 7.3.

Four Mullard EL84 code on glass km1 have been tested with AVO 163 with current of : 48mA; 49mA; 48.5mA; 48mA closely matched quartet of Mullard EL84


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