MZ05-60 Mullard directly heated triodes L4 base DA60 DO60

Mullard MZ05-60 DA60 DO60 GBP 1,500 pair.


Pair of Mullard MZ05/60 directly heated triode used in public address and today’s audio equipment.

The MZ05-600 is an excellent audio valve and shares the same characteristic of the Mullard DO60 as follow

As output valve in public address and other large amplifiers where an output  in excess of that obtained from D.O.24 or D.O.26 valve is required. For a grid excitation voltage of 60 to 70 volts R.M.S. an output of 10,000 milliwatt can be obtained allowing 5% harmonic distortion.

Filament Voltage  6 Volts.

Filament Current 4 amps.

Max Anode Voltage 500 Volts.

Amplification factor 3.5.

Mutual Conductance 3.5 mA/V.

Anode Dissipation 60 Watts.


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