PX4 Osram blue logo matched quartet audio valves tubes AC044 PP3/250

Osram PX4 matched quartet £ 1,000


The PX4 is a super-power output valve for powerful receivers, capable of driving moving coil and large speakers at full volume.

Type PX4 is a directly heated power triode for the output stage of receivers and amplifiers where a considerable undistorted power output is required with an anode voltage up to 300. For this purpose the PX4 valve has exceptionally good characteritics  and is particularly suitable for operating moving coil speakers at large volume without distortion.

The filament of the PX4 is of the robust oxide coated type and may be heated from A.C. through a suitable step-down transformer

Filament Voltage 4

Filament Current 1.0 amp

Anode Voltage 300

Grid Voltage -42

Anode Current Average 50mA

AudioMagical tries to cover all PX4 type made from the beginning of 1929 up to the 1960s

Osram PX4 small blue logo in perfect shape and working orderTested with AVO VCM 163Osram PX4 tested 45mA 100%Osram PX4 tested 47mA 100%Osram PX4 tested 46mA 100%Osram PX4 tested 48mA 100%



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