QUAD II Q.C. II mono control units (stereo pair) with Quad FM Tuner

QUAD II Q.C. II mono control units  with Quad FM Tuner GBP 720.


We offer two versions of the QUAD Preamplifiers;

The Mono version Q.C II control unit

The Quad 22 Stereo Control unit

These are a pair of QUAD II Q.C. MONO version which make a Stereo pair!

Each Quad II Q.C. uses a Mullard ECC83 and a Mullard EF86

Inputs: radio/tape 100mV

Mic 1.5mV

Gram to suit pickup.

Treble, Bass, Vol. and on/off

Filter Slope. Switch filter 5, 7, 10 Kc/s and “out”.

Tape record socket, switched playback socket.

Harmonic Distortion  <0.1%

Hum and Noise -70dB

To operate with Quad II power amplifier or similar.

Both Quad preamplifiers are in good condition and working order.

The Quad FM Tuner was designed to partner the Quad Series 2  including the QC and QC II control units.

The FM Tuner was one of the last valve units produced by The Acoustical Manufacturing Company Ltd of Huntingdon.


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