AC044 Mullard clear glass output triodes early type PX4 PP3/250 equivalent

Mullard AC044 clear glass £ 450 pair


The Mullard AC044 aka 4XP also PX4 equivalent PP3/250 is a modern super power valve capable of supplying considerable output.

The efficiency of the valve is good for a triode and the sensitivity, as evidence by the mutual conductance of 7m/V is also high.

The maximum allowable dissipation of the anode is 12 watts .

The valve is of a directly heated type and if automatic bias is used, care must be taken that the resistance across the filament terminals is truly centre tapped, otherwise hum will result.

For large radiogram or amplifiers two of these valves in push-pull give an ouput adequate for almost all purposes.

Clear glass with etched logo on top!

Mullard AC044  tested with AVO VCM 163

Mullard AC044 tested 44mA 100% emission

Mullard AC044 tested 45mA 100% emission


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