Rogers “Master Stereo Control Unit” with Power Supply simply stunning

Rogers “Master Stereo Control Unit” with Power Supply GBP 1,800


This is as rare as hen’s teeth, a Rogers Development Master Stereo Control Unit in MINT condition and comes with separate Valve power supply.

You can use this pre-amplifier with any amplifier you wish with stunning results!

Input facilities; magnetic pickups 3 or 30mV, crystal pickups 4 or 40mV

Second mono pickup high or medium output crystal or magnetic, auxiliary 30mV, tape recorders via panel socket 250 mV and according to matching transformer fitted.

All sensitivity figures for 750mV output.

Pre-set level controls on disc, auxiliary radio and tape inputs.

Pre-set output level controls.

Tape record outputs 250mV (via panel or chassis sockets)

Control facilities: six position push-button input selector- microphone, radio, disc , auxiliary, tape and monitor.

Monitor provides instantaneous mono tape monitoring.

Three position function selector – stereo and mono “A” and “B”.

Both output in parallel from either input channel.

Ganged variable bass and treble controls.

Three position low-pass filter (5,000, 7,000 and 9,000 c/s)

Variable slope control (0-24 dB per octave)

Three position high-pass filter (20, 60mand 120 c/s)

Three position equalisation switch disc LP RIAA flat, SP RIAA, tape CCIR, flat NARTB.

Mono stereo disc button.

Ganged balance control.

ON/OFF toggle switch, fitted click suppressors.

High precision ganged volume control.

Valves: 2 x EF86 Mullard amd 4 x ECC83 Mullard.

Power Supply connects to the Rogers Control unit via an umbilical chord. Power supply works with EZ81 Mullard.

Control knobs ivory with ground brass inserts.


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