6SN7GT Stunning TUNGSOL oval plate CTL Holy Grail B65

Tungsol 6SN7Gt £ 300 pair; Quartet £ 550


Vintage tubes of the past! These are by far the BEST US made TUNGSOL 6SN7GT CTL you may find on the market

You have now the possibility to purchase a pair of these stunning valves or a quartet or even the whole lot!

Much has been said about the 6SN7GT itself, we do not need to get any further…

This stunning TUNGSOL version features

Chubby design

Semi coated envelope

Clean top

Oval plate with side metal bar to keep plate in place

All Tumgsol 6SN7GT have been tested with emission of 100% and current of 10mA each section of the triode

100% working order!


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